Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Treatment and Paint Application



The Next Generation of mobile Automation Technology for Surface Treatment and Paint Application.

ROBO HULL offers standard industrial robots and extends them with a variety of App Kits for Surface Work and Spray Painting.

ROBO HULL offers enormous added value by automating individual tasks and entire processes for surface finishing and paint application.

Via its smart robotics App Kits ROBO HULL speeds up processes, and enhances quality. From serial technology to tailor-made. Every mobile robot solution provides your production with an advantage edge. 

Be it as light weight collaborative robot or a large cognitive mobile robot that operates up to 20m height,  ROBO HULL’S turnkey solutions help you to optimize processes with greater flexibility, higher output and improved quality.

Shape the change and benefit from automation and digitalization too!


Leading mobile Robot Technology for Surface Work and Paint Application

ROBO HULL understands that the treatment of surfaces and spray painting is a dynamic and complex process. Supplier-related disruptions, labor challenges, and highest standards of service and quality can add to the pressures companies are already facing. 

By making our systems more intelligent, ROBO HULL provides the opportunity to alleviate these challenges by automating tasks and processes. Whether your goal is to automate tasks or entire processes for surface work and paint application, our mobile robot industry 4.0 technology can help you improve your production operations.

Our Robo App

For Surface & Paint Application

The ROBO HULL App Kits Eco System can be enhanced. Further apps are being developed and make the solutions scalable. This enables our clients to achieve the highest level of investment security.


Surface Preparation

Innovative App Kits for Surface Treatment to to automate tasks and processes and increase efficiency and quality (Milling, Grinding, Laser Cleaning, Blasting (dry & wet), Application of Filler and Spray Painting). 

Composite Works

Innovative App Kits for Composite Works to automate and increase efficiency and quality (Application of Spray Fiberglass and Gelcoat, Polishing, CNC). 

Steel Works

Innovative App Kits for Steel Works to automate increase efficiency and quality (Polishing, Blasting (dry & wet), Primer Application, Welding, Laser Cleaning. 


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Wide Range of mobile Robotic App Solutions

Welding, Blasting, Milling, Grinding, CNC, Laser-cleaning as well as Paint Application (primer, filler, paint) with our patented overspray control. All app kits are integrated within one app eco system for a most efficient multiple usage of the mobile robot system.